The importance of a professional process

When you're new, writing fiction is by its very definition a hobby. If you want to turn this into your life, you have to take a professional approach. That means a professional work ethic, and a developing a professional process to follow in creating new work.

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Publishing to Kindle, Kobo, and Nook.

This week, I published my first novel (Succubus: a supernatural suspense thriller) in three fiction eBook marketplaces; Kindle, Kobo, and Nook. I'll show you the process I went through to get the files in shape and the book properly posted on each site.

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Facing the fear of publishing

I am one week away from publishing my novel Succubus and I have been wrestling with fear and doubt. I knew this would happen and I was mentally prepared for it but fear of taking the final leap is a natural part of the creative process. So how do we break through the fear anyway?

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Succubus: a supernatural suspense thriller

Succubus: a supernatural suspense thriller

Logan Baker was just doing a favor for a dying relative, but when he enters a mysterious, fenced-off desert compound, he falls under the spell of an alluring but frightening entity calling itself Constance. Sick from her influence, his relative now missing, and with someone trying to burn his entire life to the ground, Logan's favor puts him in the fight of his life.

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Editing tip: Isolate character arcs and edit separately

First drafts are great fun but publishable fiction is produced through the editing process. There are a lot of great resources to learn what other novelists do to edit their stories but we *must* develop our own process in order to succeed. This week, I share with you an editing tip where I isolate individual character story arcs and edit them separately to get a better book.

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