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Spotted at First Friday in downtown Phoenix. It was parked next to a super-high-energy and highly-competent free-form jazz trio. The bus is related to an organization called I Have A Name. I have no idea is the band is linked to the group but the drew and held a crowd on a competitive street filled with music and art. If you're free next First Friday, look for them on Roosevelt and 2nd Street.


Tennessee Honey – after writing


How to write a first draft




We live ten miles from an outdoor mall called the Westgate Entertainment District. It houses the Phoenix Cardinals football stadium, the Arizona Coyotes rink. an outlet mall with a hundred shops, a restaurant district and a movie theater. We frequent the theater because we're a fan of the large-format and 3D movies and they house the closest IMAX screen. Westgate is also home to Shane's Rib Shack where they make the best salad for miles (Chicken Tender with Apple Vinagarette). There's even a great outdoor space with a water feature for kids to play in and live music on the plaza every weekend that Westgate is a bit of a draw for people on the weekends (especially when there's an event at one of the stadiums).

My wife and I both in our creative space right now. I am working on a new story. She is creating art. We both share a passion for photography. Although we come at it differently and find different things interesting (she shoots people and animals and living things, I shoot objects and space and geometry), we spent an hour at Westgate at Sunset today as a way to share creativity.


The sunrise that woke me