5/25/18 - Since 1933, the Tour de Suisse has proven that the picture perfect countryside of Switzerland is an amazing place to hold a world-class stage race. Strategically located on the UCI World Tour calendar in June, the Tour de Suisse is an important proving ground for Grand Tour hopefuls.

Santini is proud to partner with the Tour de Suisse to produce 4 leader jerseys and two collections dedicated to Swiss iconography and it's undeniable impact on the world of design.

Cross collection

The Tour de Suisse CROSS collection draws on the Swiss flag for inspiration. We played with shades of red to create a screened effect from which the cross emerges.The result is a modern nod to the iconic Swiss flag than any fan of the Tour de Suisse will be proud to wear. The collection is composed by jersey, bib shorts, cap, gloves and socks.

Helvetica collection

Our Helvetia kit also draws from Switzerland’s impact on the world of design. The Swiss Grid influence is reflected in our use of the Swiss cross to create a geometric pattern used on all of the pieces in the Helvetia collection (cap, gloves and socks). Set against a darkly-contrasting background, the grid effect produces a bold and clean patterned design.

Leaders jerseys

Santini Tour de Suisse leader’s jerseys are built from our aero Sleek 99 design. For an elegant and race-ready fit, we use form-fitting Body Fit fabric on the back and sleeves and Rudy fabric for a more structured front.

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