Oct 20, 2018 - Our Acquazero-treated VEGA winter clothing is your insurance policy for when nasty weather threatens to rob you of the joy of riding your bicycle.

Ignore the weather forecast and go for a ride

It’s easy to dress for cycling in summer; a short-sleeve jersey, your favorite Santini bib shorts, and a slather of sunblock are all you need. The job gets trickier in fall and winter. Even mildly cool air can throw off your training when you’re driving through it at twenty miles per hour. Throw in some moisture, up the wind speeds, or drop the temperatures near freezing, and riding a bike becomes a challenge that can only be solved with a hardy will and a proper system of protective winter cycling kit. Like Santini’s Acquazero-treated VEGA collection.

The VEGA collection of winter clothing includes long-sleeve jerseys, bib tights, a jacket, gloves, and shoe covers -- all designed to wrap you in a warm embrace without cloistering. The fabrics we chose are insulated, but breathable. Properly worn when you head out in cold weather, VEGA clothing is designed to keep you comfortable at the start and, as you warm up, release trapped heat and sweat to maintain ideal core temperature. The collection’s VEGA Xtreme jacket, a Polartec shell, adds a layer of protection for the worst of days.

The genius of the VEGA collection is our unique moisture-protection treatment called Acquazero, which allows cyclists to prepare for, but not be defeated by, challenging weather conditions. Chilly mornings? No problem. Foggy skies? Threat of rain showers? Pish-tosh. Acquazero-treated VEGA clothing is the solution to staying on your bike in winter.

Acquazero is an ingenious chemical bath that impregnates a flexible moisture barrier into our thermal fabrics. It’s a protective treatment designed to prevent light rain and road spray from getting to your core, where it can harsh the mellow of your riding experience. We’ve been using Acquazero on winter cycling clothing for years. It saves you from moisture beautifully and holds up to repeated (gentle-cycle) machine washes.

The VEGA winter-riding collection

The collection includes the following items:

Thermal bib tights - Acquazero-treated. Perfect for temperatures between +5 and +15 Celsius (40 to 60 degrees fahrenheit).

Thermal jerseys - long-sleeve jerseys in Acquazero-treated Blizzard thermofleece. Our best-selling winter item, the VEGA thermal jerseys are good for temperatures between +5 and +15 celsius.

VEGA Xtreme jacket - For temperatures between -8 and +5 (15 to 40 degrees farenheit ), the VEGA Xtreme jacket is designed so you can ride in the harshest weather conditions. Made with Polartec’s Windbloc fabric, a 3 layer shield with an advanced microporous membrane for maximum breathability, Vega XTREME offers total protection from wind and rain.

Accessories - Blizzard thermafleece long-fingered gloves and shoe covers treated with Acquazero round out the collection.

Use our VEGA winter-clothing system to keep yourself on the road and protect your core in colder months, and reduce the total number of winter clothing items you need to own (and carry). Add base-layers underneath to ride in even the most unseemly conditions.

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