52 Days of Paleo – Day 3

Is Paleo worth it (having a crappy day)?

Paleo at Chipotle; veggies and double-chicken only.

The meal I order when I go to Wendy’s is a number one; double, no tomatoes or mayonnaise, with a large diet coke (light ice) and either a sugar or chocolate chunk cookie. That’s a Wendy’s double classic hamburger, with cheese, pickles, lettuce, onions, on a plain bun. With fries. I never vary that order. And I’m good for a Wendy’s run at least once a week.

I usually eat Wendy’s in my car. I first remove everything from the bag, then rip the bag in half. I use the upper part, laid flat, as a tray for my ketchup. I use the lower part, propped open, as a trash receptacle for the empty fry container, hamburger wrapper, and napkins.

I eat the fries before any of the other food, two or three at a time. Ketchup dipped (of course).

The Wendy’s double comes wrapped in a lovely printed foil that is lined with some kind of waxy paper that makes a great lap-napkin for the inevitable spill from the lugubrious amounts of ketchup they add. It’s a solid and substantial thing, a dense and satisfying mix of grease, cheese, ketchup and vegetable crunch. As the hamburger shrinks, I dip the pointiest part into the remaining ketchup. The cookie is just a topper after all that, a bonus. I’m already full at this point.

I say all this because I feel like crap today. I have low energy. I am moody. I am frigging hungry. My mind has been on that Wendy’s number one all damn day. This idea I had of adopting an all-Paleo diet for 52 days was a giant mistake.

I went to bed hungry last night. I woke up hungry this morning. I've been plagued by the headache that pinged away at me all day yesterday. When I rode my mountain-bike before work, I was unable to summon the energy to push. Work droned. And even though I’ve eaten two of my three meals by now, I am still hungry!

After work, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up these mini souffle dishes I need to make a dish called Egg Cups for breakfast tomorrow. Walking the aisles of the grocery store is a monumental challenge to my will to keep this diet going.

But I am (keeping it going). Mostly, because I know that what I feel today is part of the process. My body is craving. It's testing me, waiting me out, ignoring the new, clean fuel in the hopes that I’m going to grab it some candy, or a donut, or that sweet, blessed Wendy’s number one.

But I am not. Because I committed, for better or worse, to see this journey through. And I've exposed myself to you, my one now or several future readers. You are the only reason I’m not erasing every blog post and tearing the top half off a Wendy’s bag right now.

You’re welcome.

Sleep quality: 61%

Blood pressure: 135/80. Forgive me for posting this today instead of Saturday when I posted my weight (I intend to track these metrics together). This is not a good number. It is above normal and on the low end of the range for hypertension. Of all the improvements I hope to see from forgoing those beautiful Wendy’s number ones, lowering my blood pressure down to an enviably-healthy range for a 52-year-old would be the most-glorious victory.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with Turmeric. Two strips of bacon. Black coffee sweetened with raw honey.

Lunch: Chipotle bowl, veggies, double-chicken, pico de gallo, and corn salsa.

Dinner: Roasted chicken thighs in olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and thyme rub. Roasted broccoli. Spinach and pear side salad with raisins and boiled egg and homemade apple cider vinaigrette dressing.

Snacks: Banana. Dark chocolate squares.

Exercise: 103 minutes of mountain-biking.

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