52 Days of Paleo, Day 15

Grilled Chicken wrapped in bacon, with bell peppers and onions and sweet potato mash.

Traveling Paleo

Today was the first chance I’ve had to eat Paleo while traveling. I lacked imagination and neglected my preparation, but I got the job done.

We are on vacation, the wife and I. We loaded the RV and pointed it East. We are on the road for eight days and the fixed destination we have is a small town in Oklahoma where Keli’s father has ancestors.

I’ve heard about Red Bird, Oklahoma, most of my adult life (I got married at 23). It’s always been a little mysterious and romantic to me. My wife’s grandmother and her grandmother’s ancestors are from there. Her father has told us a few times a story about visiting cousins in Red Bird when he was a kid and remembering it as a strange experience (he and his brother being a city boy, Red Bird being the natural home of the country mice in his family).

We picked Red Bird as a destination just because, for no other reason than we’re curious. We want to experience that alien-ness Keli’s father spoke about for ourselves. We want to meet these cousins. We want to connect with Keli’s father through this drive.

We also picked it because the distance seemed about right for an eight-day wander in the RV, a trip that has only one goal, but dozens of opportunities to explore and discover a bunch of other hopefully unique and interesting along this swath of the country.

For our first day, we wanted to bust out of Arizona. That meant a long drive and an overnight in Elephant Butte, New Mexico, which, it ends up, looks and feels too much like home to be exotic). Tomorrow, we are headed for the International Alien Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico before crossing into Texas to hunt for an interesting, never-been-there-before campground for the night.

Traveling always puts a burden on a healthy eating plan. When I travel for work, I revert quickly to the junkiest of eating. Breakfast comes from the food-shaped products at whatever hotel I’m staying in (how do they manage to make eggs, a naturally-occurring superfood, taste like they’re made from an artificial substance?). Mid-day meals come from gas stations. Dinner is handed to me out a drive-through window. Traveling by RV at least gives me the luxury to stock a cupboard and refrigerator with ingredients, and a kitchen to prepare and cook my own meals.

I was lax in preparing ahead of time (closing out all open work in both my jobs so I could leave for a week without feeling like I was burning both businesses down on my way out the door) meant I didn’t take time to shop. I started the trip with whatever I had left at home from my first two week's meal planning.

And although I’m getting a little burned out on bacon, sweet potato and eggs, I know we can hit a grocery anytime and re-stock, so I brought along Kenzie Swanhart’s Paleo in 28 for inspiration. I'm determined to not let a little road trip break my 52 Days of Paleo.

Breakfast: Black coffee sweetened with Sweet N Low. Sweet potatoes, onions, bell peppers and eggs, scrambled. Bacon. Again.

Lunch: None.

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast, wrapped in bacon, with onions and bell peppers. Sweet potato mash (butter, salt, pepper).

Snacks: None.

Exercise: None today (today was RV-driving day)

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