52 Days of Paleo, Day 17

Grocery store salad bar, with some deli turkey thrown on top.

This isn’t going to be much of an update because it’s late and I drove 10 hours instead of sticking to my gameplan.

I started out the day with a lovely Paleo breakfast (bacon and eggs). I hit a salad bar for lunch. Still Paleo. But then it all fell apart again at night.

Our plan was to get to the OK border then make a call on where to stop. Red Bird just called to me so I pressed on. We are in Tulsa tonight. It’s 10:30 pm local time and rather than fix a meal, I opted for a banana, some gluten-free oatmeal, and a slab of dark chocolate. The hell with good intentions.

I did stock up on a couple of days worth of ingredients at that grocery store though. We’re planning to stay in Tulsa through Wednesday morning, so unless I get a bug up my ass about driving on, I’ll east plenty clean the next two days.

Breakfast: Black coffee sweetened with raw honey.

Lunch: Salad from the salad bar at a grocery store. Stuck with all the good options.

Dinner: Gluten-free oatmeal, a banana, some dark chocolate, and a beer.

Snacks: Well, dinner was basically snack food. But it’s already covered.

Exercise: Unless you count wrestling the steering of a 23-foot Class C RV with a loaded motorcycle trailer against 25 mph crosswinds exercise, none.

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