About Steve Medcroft

Steve Medcroft is a novelist, journalist, blogger, and professional copywriter based in Waddell, Arizona. On this website, you'll find content in the following categories:

About Writing: I try to capture and share lessons I've learned as I pursue writing. I'll also review an exceptional book (or article) I've read. And occasionally, I'll document an epiphany about writing, about myself as a writer, or to capture a big moment in my journey.

CopywritingI work for clients writing web content, catalog copy, news articles, product descriptions, and whatever they task me to accomplish in two areas of focus; cycling and communications technology. I post samples of the paid work I've done for clients here as well as articles specific to the process and business of copywriting.

Fiction: I've written five novels in my lifetime. One I've even had the courage to publish. You'll find a link to that novel in this category. You'll also find short stories as I'm inspired to create and post them. To make them easier to find, I've included them in the menu.

Not About Writing: We, none of us, are one-dimensional beings. As much as writing is central to my identity and my main lifetime pursuit, I have other interests. Photography, art, the sport of cycling, fitness, travel, meditation, musing on life in general. When I post content along any of these other areas, I bucket them into the Not About Writing category.

Productivity: I am a task and goal oriented person. I like to make plans, to strategize, to analyze and evaluate. When I find (or create) something I think might be useful to someone else, I'll write it up and share it in articles under this category.

Travel: When I travel, I look for the opportunity to explore, to be curious, to have the random connection shine a spotlight on something interesting or amazing about this remarkable existence we are living. Since I am always trying to be the writer in whatever space I'm in, this travel sometimes inspires me to share. I categorize those pieces here.

I hope you find something of value on this website. Hit up my contact page if you want to chat about anything. Post under one of the entries if you want to contribute or provide feedback. Send me your ideas if you have a writing project you'd like to discuss with me.

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