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Steve Medcroft is the author the supernatural thrillers Succubus (2019, Amazon Kindle) and The Singer (2021, Amazon Kindle).

His most recent novel, Noah, is on submission to agents and publishers and expected to be released in 2023. 

His current work-in-progress, which picks up the foundation laid in Noah, will be completed in 2023 and published in 2024.

Prior to turning his focus to fiction, Steve Medcroft was a freelance writer for newspapers, magazines, and websites (mostly in the sport of cycling), advertising copywriter, and author of two non-fiction books for small businesses.



The Singer


My Books

Work In Progress

After a bomb explodes at agency headquarters, Noah and his team must stop the bomber, and the power-obsessed organization pulling the strings, before they decimate the only group capable of protecting the world from being overrun by the forces of evil. 

As yet untitled, my seventh full-length manuscript (working title Novel Seven), is the first in a series that picks up where Noah leaves off. Set in modern times (versus Noah's 1991 timeframe), Noah Brooks is now an agent for the agency. Operating under the authority of  the Department of Homeland Security's Criminal Investigations Division, the Agency is a mysterious global organization that tracks and recovers supernatural artifacts to save them from misuse.

The first draft of Novel Seven will be complete in Spring, 2023. 

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