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Charlie and Noah must transport an unstable supernatural artifact to the safety of the only group that can protect it before thugs from a power-obsessed secret organization can capture it and turn it against the innocent.

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The Singer

In The Singer, Rock, the leader of the massively-popular stadium-touring band, The Light disappears off the face of the earth. Ten years later, super-fan and tribute-band leader Thatcher Graves hires a seemingly homeless drifter named Gordy as his new vocalist. Convinced his new hire may be the actual missing rock icon, Thatcher plots a redemption for himself, a reluctant Gordy, and for fans of The Light that puts him on a collision course with Rock’s widow, the unyielding and powerful controller of Rock’s legacy.

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Logan Baker was just doing a favor for a dying relative, but when he enters a mysterious, fenced-off desert compound, he falls under the spell of an alluring but frightening entity calling itself Constance. Sick from her influence, his relative now missing, and with someone trying to burn his entire life to the ground, Logan's favor puts him in the fight of his life.

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