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New cover for NOAH

Noah has been on submission with agents for a few months now. The process includes writing letters, blurbs, book-jacket copy, synopsis, and sample pages and sending them to dozens and dozens of agents hoping it will connect with them (will fit what they are looking for and they believe it is sellable to one of their publishing contacts).

One of the most important elements of a book is it's cover. So I decided to get professional help in designing covers to help the agents I'm sending NOAH to visualize what the final, published book can look like.

I don't expect the eventual publisher to use this cover art, but I did want to visual realize what I believe the cover should look like.

I reached out to cover artist Bruno Ferraz @BrunoFe36728938. We exchanged notes about a key scene in the book. He drafted some examples and we picked the final look.

I love Bruno's style. He sketches in pencil, then lays in thick outlines and colors in a truly unique style. I am super happy with the final result.

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